Hello! I’m Danielle. I’m little, I’m blonde and I’m always on the go. Let’s be friends as I experience all this planet has to offer 🙂 I’ve been trying to find my voice in this world for many years – you may have known me as the Adventures of DD, Of Remarkable Times, Deep Thoughts by DD, or most recently, Love Maine Adventures. All of the aforementioned were my previous outlets, with the exception of Love Maine Adventures. This is where I have found myself, and now I am taking it to the next level with the Wandering Lights.

I moved to Maine in 2010 from Clearwater, Florida. Before I moved to Maine, I was a beach bum and a Golden Knight, roaming the halls (and bars!) of Orlando at UCF. After obtaining my bachelors in Organizational Communications from UCF, I moved down to Key West, Florida, where I lived right off Duval St. and had a bicycle as my primary form of transportation. Eventually, I realized I needed more in my world than palm trees and flip flops, so I traded it for the complete opposite – snow, mountains, and 4 pm sunsets. (well, those are only here for a few months out of the year :))

It was August, 2010, and I was looking for my next adventure. I was considering somewhere like Colorado, or California, because I wanted a complete change of scenery. I wanted fall, and snow, and more outdoor activities! I put a facebook status up one day to see where I knew people I could visit, and lo and behold – I had connections in a place I had never even heard of – Bangor, Maine. I packed a bag, got on a plane, and fell in love at first site. A few weeks later, I shipped 4 big boxes up to Maine, got on a plane, and the rest is history! Now, I’m crazy in love with this state and the friends I’ve made here. This state has forced me to develop skills I never knew I had – (like climbing mountains covered in ice, and dusting off my car before getting in it without getting snow on the seat! Well, I haven’t really fully developed that one yet. it’s almost impossible.) and has forced me to look deep inside my soul to determine what makes me tick. I challenged myself to try something new and scary every year, because, why not? no one knew me up here, so no one knew if I failed.

One of the first things I did was go with a shoulder length bob- let’s just say I’ve made way better decisions in my life and I won’t be doing that again. The decisions following were way better. First, I decided to  apply for a job as an Event Planner. Spoiler alert, I got it! I got to help people plan weddings and events. From there, I started learning photography, because I’d always wanted to try, but thought I’d be terrible. Spoiler alert: I was not! Photography because my muse, I spent many hours of my free time taking photos, and learning how to edit. This also fed into my love for the outdoors, so I began experiencing more of Maine, because I wanted to take photos of it. I did a bunch more AWESOME stuff following, but if I put it all here, you’d never read my blog! Check out all of my deep thoughts, then head on over to my Adventure Blog – www.LoveMaineAdventures.com. That’s where we talk about the current risky adventures that we’re having. Each day, I grow into myself a little bit more, and I’m glad you’ve decided to follow me in my journey.

Writing is my something new and scary for 2017, so thanks for being a reader. I’m developing my photography + writing a bit further this year and I appreciate your support. Don’t ever be afraid to comment, or to start a new dialogue on my deep thoughts. That’s why they are there. And invite me to like your blogs as well! I love meeting other creative minds. A rising tide floats all ships.

Sending love and light from my home in Maine,

Danielle (DD)

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White Mountains, New Hampshire
Shooting Greg and Mark’s wedding this fall at Camp Jordan


Tough Mountain Challenging it!
DD’s current vibe
A photo of me in 2011. This was my second winter in Maine. See how nicely my hair grew back?
coming down
I just look like such a badass here, I love this photo.


Scuba diving with my friend Kristin! That was a lot of fun!
katah - 2
One of my favorite places on the planet.
des and i
Boating with my sister!
waterfront concerts
Pretty much how I roll.


My second summit of Katahdin!
waterfront - 2
Shooting Govt. Mule


my 30th Birthday!!!
Learning from a Pro!


Being the Wedding Coordinator with the mostest!
Girls Weekend in Miami 220-13
Partying with my girlfriends in Miami
Winter Adventures in Millinocket
Kite surfing in Ecuador


5th grade
6th grade me. I got picked on.



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