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I consider myself an artist.This is actually the first time I have ever made this statement. It’s taken me until the Golden Globes 2018 to make this statement out loud.

I consider myself an Artist.

I’ve spent the first half of my life afraid. Afraid of what others think. Afraid of others hurting my feelings. Afraid of being made fun of for my hair, my weight, how much money we had, if I was smart enough, funny enough, pretty enough, fun enough……unique enough….. and I wasted a LOT of time.

I always felt drawn to the arts – but there was no money, I would never make it, there’s too much competition, you can do so much better. So many thoughts I had. Everyone always said “you can do anything you put your mind to” but no one said, “You have to make up your mind to do something, first.”

All of the above are statements of my perception, which is my reality.

These Golden Globes were already getting my emotions up – I’ve been making the transition in my life from “totally put together killer sales girl who was dedicating her own life to others dreams, and leaving hers on the backburner” to “I could very quickly become a starving artist because I am letting my passions in writing and photography drive me and I should have done it years ago and I am using my maximum capability because I am doing something I love all day every day” – but IT FEELS SO GOOD. But it ALSO feels so wrong. Because I am not doing what I’ve been taught is how I should live, literally because of my own decision to identify with the wrong style of human, all because I was afraid of being true to myself.Anyways – end rant – I just love what’s happening tonight on the TV. I want to let my freak flag fly! Only being a freak is not a negative term in this world – it’s a way to identify with a different style of humans.

Oprah’s speech KILLED IT. I boxed her into the “talk show host” box, and that’s my mistake. By putting people into boxes, I have missed out on so much in my life. So many people have missed out on me. I say this in the context of employment – I didn’t click a box, but could I have been the best person for that job, if my path had been different? And now, finally, I am free to be myself and to make an income doing what I love. But I could have done it way sooner IF I HAD JUST LISTENED to my inner voice, my passion, my Jiminy Cricket.

Oprah’s speech made me think about what an amazing time we are living in right now. I’ve been having an internal monologue with myself too often in this show, trying to let my inner voice win, from thinking instinctual thoughts, such as “What is she wearing!? to “Why do I care?” Ok – now I realize I sound a bit crazy. But you know what I mean – it’s the old angel on your shoulder vs the devil on your shoulder.

Then I saw the preview from Lady Bird – and I thought – YES! She’s listening to that inner voice. We’re giving power to GOOD vs. Evil. We’re feeding the Good Wolf. It’s a great time to be alive. We are watching history.

Other random thoughts from Golden Globes 2018

  • “That we know of yet” & “I gave it to myself” – Quotes from Lady Bird to look up
  • Wait  – that’s not the girl from
  • We’re watching history, people.
  • Oprah quotes must google tomorrow
  • Monsters -a great way to describe a style of human.
  • I can’t believe Guillermo Del Toro actually got them to lower the music.
  • Sharon Stone and Gina Lewis!
  • we’re all getting older, but dang we still look good.
  • Buttons – Reese Witherspoon is taking over
  • Colors, sexes inclusion – a wide population of styles of humans is present tonight.
  • Oh Mariah. She DGAF. This is why we love her.
  • Emma Stone is a class act.
  • Olympics!!!! Feb 8th!!!!
  • For real, these women look stunning. But how ridiculous would it look if the men were wearing things that showed their armpits and cleavage? Not gonna lie, their temperatures would be way more regulated. But I think we can all agree that that would look really silly and we like the way everyone looks in their outfits
  • Holy crap I am getting to the point where I can’t tell people apart.
  • Meryl <3
  • Barbara <3 – 34 years ago – Woman Directors! (Holy CRAP I didn’t realize that. What in all of the EFFS!)

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