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2018’s Happiness Project

So – as you may or may not know, 2017 was a BIG year for me! I launched two of my passion projects, and learned how to really make them a thing! You’re reading one right now – this blog – and LoveMaineAdventures, our community for adventures. Check it out if you like Maine, or Adventures! I’m launching my third project in the coming weeks, my Small Business Marketing Agency – DD and Co. – and I’m realizing that my life will be very different in 2018! I am working from home – and this has many perks, however finding balance is becoming interesting. I’m working many more hours – basically non-stop – but I’m LOVING every minute. I’m thankful that I can take a break in the afternoon to put away the laundry, or to prep a nice lunch – although I’ll be honest, it’s been mostly work, work, work, work, sleep, work, etc. I’ve decided to use this platform as a place to keep me on track and using my energy most effectively and to not get bogged down with the microproject time suckers and to make my health a priority, and I’ve decided to do this by adding more content to the blog and trying to connect with as many people as possible over the coming year! I’m very proud of myself that I’ve accomplished a few life-long goals in the past two years, and I’m feeling pretty great. The bonus of this is I am expending all of my energy towards things that make ME the best person I can be.

It’s interesting – self employment. One thing I’ve noticed is that things that I used to really enjoy because it allowed me to shut off my “professional” brain and to only access my “creative” brain are no longer a thing. Since my Professional Brain and my Creative Brain are now one and the same, it’s always working non-stop, and I find myself annoyed by things that interrupt that process. For example – decorating the house for the Holidays – I think I took out half of what I normally would have, and I definitely did not do Christmas cards, because that would have taken time from updating my new website…. etc. I know I need to give myself some guidelines to allow myself to enjoy things differently, and I was inspired after reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project” last year, actually. I had this on my list to do in 2017, but I am glad I didn’t because I feel like this is a much more beneficial project for me in 2018!

If you’re not familiar with the book – here’s a bit of info!

“One rainy afternoon, while riding a city bus, Gretchen Rubin asked herself, “What do I want from life, anyway?” She answered, “I want to be happy”—yet she spent no time thinking about her happiness. In a flash, she decided to dedicate a year to a happiness project. The result? One of the most thoughtful and engaging works on happiness to have emerged from the recent explosion of interest in the subject. The Happiness Project synthesizes the wisdom of the ages with current scientific research, as Rubin brings readers along on her year to greater happiness. In fact, Rubin’s “happiness project” no longer describes just a book or a blog; it’s a movement.

Gretchen is a doll, IMO. You can read more about her here

The book breaks down goals month by month, as you can see below. So – I’ll be tackling a new goal each month! And YOU are what’s keeping me responsible, so check in often!! (No guilt trip or anything….)

JANUARY: Boost Energy  – Vitality

FEBRUARY: Remember Love – Marriage

MARCH: Aim Higher – Work

APRIL: Lighten Up – Parenthood

MAY: Be Serious About Play – Leisure

JUNE: Make Time for Friends – Friendship

JULY: Buy Some Happiness – Money

AUGUST: Contemplate the Heavens – Eternity

SEPTEMBER: Pursue a Passion – Books

OCTOBER: Pay Attention – Mindfulness

NOVEMBER: Keep a Contented Heart – Attitude

DECEMBER: Boot Camp Perfect – Happiness


I’m set up as an Amazon Affiliate, so if you purchase using my link I’ll get a little kickback!


Here’s to kicking some serious ass in 2018!

Cheers -dd

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