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I got a tattoo this month. An entrepreneur tattoo. On purpose. And with meaning.

I’d been thinking about what I wanted for my tattoo for years. I have one, from college – my zodiac sign, but it’s on sideways. (Not on purpose.) I’d been planning out a lotus flower tattoo with my friend Sarah – and that one will come. But – I’d decided on getting some coordinates to a place that was VERY meaningful to me. And I’d found just the right person to do it.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have noticed that this blog has really been a rite of passage for me. I’ve gone through a lot on this platform, and it’s been one of my lifesavers – I believe in the healing power or writing and expressing yourself without limits. I follow a podcast called – “She Explores”. It’s a nice piece that introduces you to many different types of female explorers – I highly recommend it! Anyways – in the facebook group tonight, Gale, the moderator posed this question –

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One of the answers struck me, and I felt compelled to answer, which got me thinking, which is why I thought this might be the best way to explain my new work of art….

Group Member: “Oh… so much.. I am almost 30. And I don’t feel like I even started a career. So feeling inadequate…”

so many of my friends have been expressing similar emotions, so it got me right in the feels. I remember those days so fiercely – haha – and if you scroll back through my posts from 2012 – 2013, you can too. Here’s my response….

Me: “I was right there with you at 30, so I started putting together a plan for life where I could spend my time giving back and doing what I love – but first I had to figure out what that was. FF to 2017, I turned 35 this year, quit my day job to go full time with my freelance work, and operate two sites which I LOVE – Love Maine Adventures and Wandering Lights – but hell the past 5 years have been all about finding my direction. You’ve got this!!! (side note – everything I am doing today, I hadn’t even dreamed up until about 32 

So – with that being said – this tattoo is a celebration of my accomplishments. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to get a new tattoo, but  was holding off – “What if my future job won’t hire me because of a tattoo?” was the main reason, because I knew I wanted my tattoo to be memorable. I also knew that I was planning to be the crazy old funky lady once I turned 70. But why wait? AMIRIGHT!? Once I started working towards becoming self employed, I decided to embrace my true self and let my freak flag fly – ( a figure of speech…) and I scheduled my tattoo the week I quit my full time job.

Backstory – the coordinates that I had tattooed, are the coordinates of Baxter Peak, on Katahdin. The reason why these coordinates are so special to me can be read here. It’s where I found myself. To make a long story short, I had moved to Maine really without a job, looking for adventure. My support system up here swiftly crumbled – but I wasn’t ready to give up. I’d survived a Maine Winter, and sure as shit was I going to enjoy a Maine Summer! I tightened up my boots, and let the Universe take over  – and take care of me it did. I found a job that I loved, a great circle of friends, and a sweet apartment. It was a frustrating experience, considering I was 29 when I had to pull myself out of the gutter, so I’d decided to look my fears in the face, and tackle some crazy shit. My new year’s resolution was to “Do One Thing Each Year That Scares You.” (FF to 2017, where my goal is 35 mountains in a year. WTF – can’t stop, won’t stop.) and my first “Do One Thing” was to hike a mountain. Now, I’m thankful for friends that have faith in me, because I had NO BUSINESS being on that mountain. but I did it. I freaking did it. It was HARD. I was NOT PREPARED. I was EXHAUSTED.  But I knew – I HAD TO BAG THAT PEAK. That day was probably the most empowering day of my life – even though I’ve since done a BILLION things  that scare me – that mountain, that day, those coordinates – remind me that I CAN DO ANYTHING I PUT MY BADASS MIND TO. And that’s something that I often need to be reminded of.

SO, that’s why I got that tattoo when I finally started my own business. It’s a great reminder to myself – and a great story to remind others. 🙂

Tattoo Location: Forecastle Tattoo

Artist: Sam Wood

Tattoo partner: Jessica

It took less than an hour for Sam to finish. We were severely pleased and decided to celebrate with Bloody Marys at our favorite spot – Paddy Murphys!

I hope this article helps you! Share it with someone who needs to hear. You’ve got this!!!!!!


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