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Hey all! It’s been a pretty crazy few months, I’ve been tackling a load of projects and since this is kind of my “I do it for myself” page, it gets pushed to the bottom of the barrel. However, I’ve learned a few important lessons in the past few months about taking risks, being rejected, and realizing what you think you want is not really what’s best, and I thought it was a good message to share –  I know DD from 10 years ago would love to hear what I am about to say.

This is been an interesting year – my life is not even close to where I thought it would be, mostly because I bought into the “do what I think everyone wants me to do mentality”. The day I added “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything” into my life mantras was a life changing day. I needed to figure out what I stood for.  24 year old DD would NEVER have lived in a place where it snows. She was all about the sun and the fun – but she was totally unfulfilled spiritually, emotionally, mentally – she was just doing what she thought would lead to a happy life, eventually, once she got the right job, found the right partner, got her big break  – always waiting for something. 24 year old DD eventually got fed up though, and decided that she was sick of waiting for things to happen – and she made things happen. I did a lot of unconventional things  – moved to the Keys. managed a restaurant because I needed a challenge, watched the sun rise, many, many, many times. One would think this would be fulfilling, but it was what I thought I wanted but didn’t really want. (got that out of my system!) What no one really tells you is that its SO HARD to break out of the restaurant industry. You can have many  amazing skills, but it kind of keeps you in this little box of in between. BUT – that’s not what this message is about. This message is about a girl that takes risks, gets hurt, puts herself out there, and just does all she can to try and figure it out.

Recently, in the great quest of “What Do I Want To Do With My Life”, I’ve done a lot of soul searching. I’m sure you’ve heard of my passion project – www.lovemaineadventures.com 🙂 and if you haven’t – gees what are you waiting for !?! Now the thing with passion projects, is they usually don’t generate anything but passion for quite some time. As I learn the ropes of monetizing the site, I give it a lot of time and energy for no real return other than vanity. Which is really not what we are going for – it’s about the journey. Anyways, this is a lot of raw bearing your soul. 24 year old DD talked of starting an adventure blog, she toyed around with it, but she got overwhelmed and gave up. (Happy Thursdays  – Heather, if you’re reading this – you remember. love you!) 34 year old DD has this in her sights and is giving it her all. And with this, comes digging deep and putting yourself out there. and with that comes REJECTION. 24 year old, hell 33 year old DD let rejection really take her down. She took it personally, and let it break her. It took her quite some time to recover, and she lost many valuable minutes and moments by focusing on the rejection and not the lesson.

I recently watched a TED talk a friend shared about learning to handle rejection. I saw myself immediately in this speaker.

You can check out this talk here.  

Anyways – I took a big risk recently. If it had worked out, it might have changed my life. If it didn’t work out – hey nothing really was going to change. Now I work in sales – day to day rejection I could care less about. It doesn’t bother me. But when I am emotionally invested in something, being rejected cuts deep. Spoiler alert  – it didn’t work out. BUT  – today’s DD brushed it off and kept right on trucking. the reason? Passion. redemption. I have been working so hard on things that fulfill me, that I knew that losing a bit of my soul was no big deal. It was strong enough to grow back, bigger, and more passionate.

So – my lesson here today is we only have a limited time on this Earth. It flies by – you must find joy in as many moments as you can. Determine your passions, and pour your energy into them – no excuses. No “I’ll do it when…”s. Life’s not fair. Some people have it easier. Some people are born into it. Some people have a constant struggle. It could always be worse, and we always think we have enough time. You must realize that good things take time, but time is limited. Do the things you think you cannot do. Put together a plan. Determine what might hold you back. and then put your heart and soul into it like your life depended on it. Because it does.

Love + Light  –


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