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Life is bigger
It’s bigger
And you, you are not me
The lengths that I will go to
The distance in your eyes
Oh no, I’ve said too much
I set it up

Dear Self –

You’re taking on a lot right now. You’re confident in your actions. You’re moving in the right direction. You’ve  made decisions. and you’re sticking with them  – it’s the only way to make a change. You must keep making plans, evaluating and changing them, and continuing to make decisions. They are not always the right ones.  It’s going to get tough, you’re going to want to give up. But you must remember – it’s important to live in the present, but it’s just as important as laying the foundation for your future. Following your dreams is not easy – if it were, everyone would do it. Also – it’s very likely not going to turn out the way you dreamed, either……it will be better…… it’s time to start taking control of your life…

Love, DD of 2017

I came across this article the other day which I thought was very well written, and is a good reminder of how you can work to figure out your meaning + purpose in this life. So I am sharing it with you – Link to Thrive Global

Some of the highlights – the author reminds us that Four Realities Exist:

  1. Indecision is potentially your greatest threat.

  2. Most people are “drifting,” which means they haven’t taken command of their mind or their life. Drifting is when you let external circumstances determine where you go in life.

  3. Just before any substantial breakthroughs, you will experience darkness and defeat.

  4. When you take control of your mind, you realize the quality of your thinking reflects your current potential.

So all you dreamers out there –  keep on, keeping on. You’ve got light years to reach that Universe you’re creating.



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