Easter – The Day of Resurrection + Rebirth

I am a little late posting this, because Easter was, well yesterday, but this was my facebook status yesterday and  I thought this message was important to share across other platforms. I was thinking a lot about how to address yesterday, because I don’t have kids – so there’s no Easter Bunny – and I also see the world from different angles. But that doesn’t take away from Easter being a very important holiday to a lot of people for many different reasons. For me – I’ve been very introspective lately as people close to me are having end of life experiences – thinking about what happens, and why, and what we can all learn from this. I’ve come to a few conclusions – which I will share – but I wanted to share my thoughts specifically on Easter, in the space time continuum where I was having these exact thoughts.

I think that the most important thing to remember today, as the Day of Resurrection +Rebirth, as I am speaking with people in various stages of thier life – a young father dealing w/a terminal illness, a grandparent on the verge of crossing over, friends of a friend who has recently committed suicide and friends of a friend that has recently passed for causes unknown – a friend who has recently had a anniversary of the loss of someone so very important, a friend mourning the loss of a child, and then the great things that have happened today – family bonding, the great outdoors, people accomplishing goals, and just having the best experiences ever – LIFE IS A SERIES OF DEATH AND REBIRTHS. Highs and lows. Ebs and flows. Take what you can from these experiences and realize that this too will pass. And also its all about the journey. #HappyEaster #deepthoughtsbydd

Sending Love + Light –


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