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It’s been a relatively heavy week in our community – the suicide of a local weatherman has devastated a lot of people. Happiness and relative happiness is something I think about often – and how other people treat you and how you treat yourself can have impact that cuts so deep. I recently started watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix – it’s a beautiful, haunting piece of art that tells the story of a teenage girl’s suicide and the experiences that lead her down this path. If you have known me for a while, you’re aware that my life has been touched by suicide and depression, which I will write about someday – but not today – and I believe being happy is a relative state of mind. It’s a constant battle to be “HAPPY” – it legitimately doesn’t just happen. And if you know me, you know I am a happy, bubbly person.  It’s hard work!  I wanted to share some of my tips for finding happiness. You can’t always think positive thoughts, or enjoy the moment, or many other of the positive thinking mantras – sometimes the circumstances suck and the universe is plotting against you. Side note – I have found that life is a series of deaths and rebirths – and also when life truly sucks, it’s because it’s teaching you a lesson. I came across this article the other day on Elephant Journal and I thought the bones of the article were great and I wanted to share and put my own spin on things.

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1. It’s the journey, not the destination. – I believe this wholeheartedly. There are many journeys to many destinations, and it’s important to realize that you are always on a journey to a destination.

2. It’s not a thing we search for and find. It finds us. When we are ready. Have you heard the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears?”. Just do everything you can and don’t give up. If you give up you’re taking steps back. And you are never closer than you are at this moment.

3. It’s the small things. Stop and smell the roses. Be thankful that you have the things that you do, not matter how big or how small. We are not all born with equal opportunities. Appreciate what YOU have – it’s more than others have. Appreciate the madness.

4. It comes from within. – I know – that’s not easy. But the more you stay the course, the easier it gets. Example – in order for flowers to bloom, things have to be in order – the right light, the right soil – the right amount of room to breath. Work on getting everything in order you need to bloom, and eventually the buds will begin to blossom.

5. It’s not about perfection, but weathering life’s storms. There will be storms. The key is to get a kick ass rain jacket that makes your butt look good so you can dance in the rain. And waterproof mascara. Seriously though – it’s always darkest before the dawn – remember that this too will pass.

6. It can’t be bought. You can try, but you’re just wasting your money. However, in one instance, I believe it can be bought and that’s in wellness. Exercise and eating whole, not processed foods will make a huge difference in your life and how you see the world. So invest in yourself.

7. It’s not as hard as we make it. Legit. We are our own worst enemy. Our ancestors had it WAY harder – and they kept going. Remember the Oregon Trail? That’s hard.

8. It’s not getting what we want, but loving what we have. – The power of positive thinking. What you permit you promote. You attract what energy you put out into the world. Positive vibes + good intentions.

9. It comes from wanting others to be happy, too. – We must look out for each other. Rising tides float all ships. Together we achieve more. Come together right now, over me.

10. It starts and ends with us. – Yikes. You mean I have to take responsibility for this? People won’t do it for me? Hey – sometimes the right thing and the hardest are the same.

Alright, so get chasing those dreams. Or at least make today a good one 🙂 and don’t you ever, EVER give up.

Sending Love + Light,


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6 thoughts on “The Truth to Finding Happiness

  1. Suicide is such a tragic thing – having lost a brother to it, I can only imagine what that weatherman’s family and friends are going through,…sad.

    I’m so thankful for reading this bit of inspiration this morning. It’s a good reminder, because the happiness and joy thing tends to be elusive to me, so I’m glad I came across this today. <3

  2. Danielle, what a great piece! All of these things are so true. It’s really all up to you and your perceptions. How we see life isn’t about what happens to us, but the way we react and think about what happens. We can see doom and gloom OR love and light. It’s up to us!

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