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So – it’s April. in Maine, spring has sprung, and that means 3 months ish till summer. Fortunately, 3 months is JUST enough time to start burning off all of your winter indiscretions.

I’m back on the no drinking during the week bandwagon, and I’ve finally bit the bullet and joined a CrossFit gym, because I cannot be trusted. (Side note – this motivates me – just do what motivates you! but whatever you do – just do something 🙂  For the record – I’ve participated + enjoyed ALL of these trainers/gyms and  I recommend them highly – Union Street Athletics – M.O.M. Personal Training –  Rebel Well FitnessGold’s Gym Some people feel like they can cheat more when they work out  – well I am kind of an all or nothing type of girl. So, this means when I work out super hard, I follow it up with eating well and am OK with passing up my nightly wine with some hot tea and some delicious protein. If I don’t work out, it’s wine + pizza or charcuterie + fromage ALL THE WAY. Not saying I am cutting that out completely – just saving it for a rainy day.

Now, I know I am not the only one that’s putting the pedal to the metal with the workout plan, and I’ve gotten pretty good at the meal prep thing, so I thought I’d start to share some of my favorite delicious, fun + easy things to prepare for dinner that are high protein, low carb + lower sodium, many fall in line with the Whole 30 program. I’ve got a nice stock pile of things in my pantry, so I can get away with picking up loads O’protein and kind of winging it throughout the week. (I’ll also post some of my favorite recipes on here and I’d love to hear yours as well! ) Here’s my arsenal of necessities!


  • Olive oil – regular + infused- I prefer the Hannaford Rosemary + Lemon, or Tavoli – Lemon, it’s great to cook with!
  • Olive oil Cooking Spray
  • Coconut oil
  • Spice rack – this is my biggest recommendation! stock. up. Here’s some of my faves..
    • garlic powder
    • smoked paprika – <3
    • dried rosemary
    • dried mustard
    • cajun seasoning
    • Mrs. Dash – assorted
    • oregano
    • allspice
    • cumin
    • coriander
    • tumeric
  • garlic cloves – LOTS – if you’re in Maine – Shaws sells it in bulk. It’s worth it. My Mom got methis little garlic zoom chopper and it’s awesome!
  • super low sodium chicken broth – lots of it – I recommend Nature’s Choice if you’re in Maine
  • onions – buy a bag
  • sweet potatoes – small quantities, they go bad fast and travel far
  • yellow potatoes – I prefer the Steamables – they are ready fast!
  • fresh veggies for snacking – I grab a  head of broccoli and chop up a zucchini
  • Matrix protien powder – this stuff is the best!!! I put it in shakes and also cook with it to make protien snacks 🙂
  • apple cider vinegar
  • unsalted nuts – almonds +/or peanuts
  • dried fruit of some kind – I have raisins
  • dark roast coffee. obviously
  • Natural, raw, organic sugar
  • Thrive – this stuff is the BEST for energy
  • lemons + limes
  • some sort of fruit you like – apples, bananas
  • Powdered peanut butter
  • capers – if you have a salty palate
  • olives


If you stick with these staples, you’ll always have something healthy + delicious to whip up. Of course, now I’ve gotten into watching food documentaries on Netflix, so I’m questioning meat, but it seems like as long as you stick with natural, locally sourced products, you should be good. A friend mentioned she bought direct from a farm and I’m going to look into that more, as I am trying to be the best version of myself and learning more and more about my body on the way.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

Cheers – and wish me luck!!


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6 thoughts on “Meal Prep – a Life Hack

  1. I have been really desperate to lose weight this year, and if anything have ended up gaining instead! I am definitely an all or nothing kind of person as well, I am just struggling to get into the mindset of healthy and dieting rather than bingeing and eating.

    Thanks for the tips!!!

    1. Aww!! glad it can help!! It is definitely a long road. the crock pot has become my best friend!!!! I’ll post some of my faves — BTW I just dumped a bunch of bolthouse honey mustard in the crockpot with some chicken and left it overnight- YUM. Keep me posted! xo

      1. I am starting to become best friends with the slow cooker, it does make all the difference, I just made a moroccan chicken dish last night. It’s all about getting in the right head space for me, but as I am getting increasingly unhappy about it, I think I am there!
        Ooo yes please, any yummy dish advice is always appreciated!
        I am thinking about starting a regular blog post about it, mainly as a checkin for myself xo

      2. Ohh!!! that sounds awesome 🙂 please share! I am queen of just throwing lots of spices and chicken broth in the crock pot and letting it go. LOL. Most recently I put chicken and bolthouse honey mustard in there and let it go overnight – SO YUM. and I agree with the headspace thing. I was just thinking today that I’ve turned a corner and I’m feeling good, and when I think about it, it’s been about 3 weeks that I’ve been on track – I’ve failed like 7 x before making it across the corner – it’s tough but I really feel SO MUCH better. and I even turned down pizza the other night. WHAT!?! Keep me posted – xoxoxo!!!!

      3. Thanks for the support!! Yeah, the ol’ chuck it in and hope it comes out tasty at the other end is my tried and tested method!
        Turning the corner is the hardest thing to do, definitely! WOW, you turned down pizza, I am so amaze-proud! xoxo

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