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We welcomed Hogwart’s Newest Student with a DIY Harry Potter Baby Shower!

Witchcraft and wizardry were abound on this fatefully glorious day filled with love and welcoming for Baby “Wizard” Conor.

As guests arrived to Platform 9 ¾, they were sorted appropriately and given their wand. An obvious right of passage for any young wizard. From floating candles in the “dining hall” to greeting for Myrtle, guests were surprised at every corner!

Games included baby bingo and late-night diapers (hysterical). And to top it all off, Honeydukes was in business with a full candy bar! Beware of the every flavour bean – these didn’t go fast at all….

Check out the photos below…

Appetizers: by Jessica Donahue

Cheese Broomsticks (pro tip  – don’t refrigerate the pretzels!)


Desserts: Fantastic Beasts Dragon Eggs, Gummi worms, Ollivander’s magic wands, chocolate frogs, Golden Snitches, jelly beans, chocolate frogs – check out the mold here!

Photography: Me! Obviously 🙂

Games: Sorting upon arrival! Everyone received a handmade tie, and some Plastic Wizard Glasses!

Harry Potter Baby Bingo

Late Night Diapers – Here’s a PERFECT explanation of what that is!

And, because I just couldn’t help myself – some pretty stinking cute Harry Potter Baby gifts from Amazon!

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DIY Harry Potter Baby Shower

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