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HELLO! So I’m really glad to hear that everyone has a very similar sentiment regarding 2016 as I do – It was a challenge and seemed like the Universe was always trying to kick us while we’re down. We’re so all in this together! To be fair, I knew the beginning of 2016 was going to be rough, but I got lucky and made it through. I’ve definitely let my dedication to health and working out slip through the cracks (I’m blaming my knee injury and a few other things) but I feel like things are on the way up, and I’m really looking forward to starting fresh this year, and reevaluating life goals, who/what/where I am going to dedicate my time and energy to, and a whole other list of commitments to myself. I’m a goal setter by nature, and I need to point myself in the right direction.


Anyways – I will get all that together in another post. This post is for you! I have some spirit candy to share 🙂

My favorite newsletter spoke to me again this am – The Elephant Journal. (ps – if you’re not already subscribing, check it out. It’s my spirit animal.) A lovely woman by the name of Crystal Jackson published a great article with her “bucket list of resolutions” and I thought it was great to save for myself and share! Here’s a link to the original article on Elephant Journal. Head on over there and read Crystal’s advice – and I’d love to hear your resolutions or how you’ll utilize this “bucket list of resolutions” in the comments below!

1. See your town like a tourist.

2. Take day trips.

3. Learn how to do something new.

4. Listen to podcasts, Ted Talks, or other informational programs.

5. Find a way to give back.

6. Practice random acts of kindness as a part of your regular life.

7. Become an activist.

8. Become a healthier you.

9. Eliminate one form of negativity.

10. Spend time improving your mental health. .

11. Practice gratitude all the time.

12. Say what you need to say, with love. 

13. Find balance.

14. Stop trying to please everyone.

15. Take a step toward following your dream.

16. Become congruent.

17. Be brave.

18. Educate yourself.

19. Go on an adventure.

20. Read.

Cheers to the new year!

Sending love and light –


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