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You know I love a good book review! I discovered this book when my friend Jodi posted an assortment of books available at one of my favorite stores in Downtown BangorGood Soul! I arranged a time to come down and check out the selection with my dear friend & shop owner, Tracy. Tracy has a heart of gold, and a wild, caring, wonderful soul. We connect on so many levels! Anyways, I didn’t end up with the book that Jodi posted, but I did end up with an amazing journal of self reflection! (and the book The Secret – which I still haven’t started….)

The Q&A a day book is published by Potter Style, an imprint of Crown Publishing. I took a look at some of their other titles and they look like a lot of fun! This book is quick, easy, introspective, and totally affordable. It makes a great gift! (I’ve already sent it to a few friends as a gift, just because!) The basics of the book is that it asks you the same question, each day, for 5 consecutive years, so you can reflect on your thoughts, opinions, and days. For example, one of the questions was “Name everything you’re eaten today.” While that may seem like a insignificant question, it allows you to reflect on your eating habits, and if you’re anything like me, your wine habits. My first entry was on July 21, 2016 – “Does anything hurt today?” My answer – yes, my knee! This is a significant injury that matters a lot right now but HOPEFULLY in 5 years, I will barely remember it. It’s been fun to record! I sometimes cheat and fill out a week at a time, but I *try*to do it every day, or at least once a week if my week is crazy. I report on each day like it happened and I’m really enjoying it. I also bought Gretchen Rubin’s One Sentence a Day Journal which I’ll be starting in 2017!!

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Why Gretchen Rubin started a one sentence a day journal

Enjoy! I hope you pick it up for you or for a friend. Let me know!!!




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