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Morning Tips from a not so morning person.

I’m doomed, I think often. I’m chronically a completely hot mess in the morning – I try to open my door with my car key fab, I make coffee with no cup, I forget to feed my cats (thank goodness they remember to chirp at me) and time flies at a rate faster than the speed of light in the am. I’ve accepted the fact that I will NEVER be a morning person, my brain doesn’t really function until 9 am and the second cup of coffee, and to be honest I love my night creativity. However, the 8 – 5 that pays my bills beckons, and the creativity at night doesn’t make me any more money. SO – I often try to break routine, and reset my internal clock. It’s typically good for a while, but it’s often like a rubber band ball. Seems like a great idea, until you try and bounce it.

I found this article on Elephant Journal, and this actually seems feasible. I’m going to give it a shot. It’s along the lines of what I’ve been trying to do, and after this crazy holiday season, I’m setting the “REFRESH” button on everything health and wellness in my life.

Link to Elephant Journal –  Author: Jaquí Rodriguez

“These are some habits I’ve developed that help me wake up well:

1. First thing when I open my eyes, I thank the creator, and I send blessings to my spouse and children, my extended family and friends, and everyone I’ll cross paths with that day.

2. I ask the universe to use me for its purpose. When we don’t start our day with an intention, the day uses us—and many times it leads us to chaos.

3. I do a light stretch and meditate for at least seven minutes. I use Insight Timer, which I highly recommend.

4. I write immediately after that, flushing everything out. All my thoughts, doubts, dreams. Whatever is still lingering in my head. No edits—just a continuous flow of words.

5. I pour myself a hot cup of black coffee and drink it while I write my to-do list for the day.”

I hope this helps you !!

sending Love and Light from Maine,


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Morning Tips from a Not So Much Morning Person

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