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Election Day 2016

Ok – so if you’re my friend or following me on facebook, then you’ve already seen this post that most people loved, and a few tried to counter.. Check out my post on facebook if you’re interested in reading the comments. It’s actually a decent discussion.


1. Because if she were a man, this wouldn’t even be an issue. #deepthoughtsbydd
2. Aw naw, hush that fuss, everybody get to the front of the bus. #nastywomenmakethingshappen
3. Like any other job, and grad school, you have to be qualified to perform the basic functions of a position of responsibility. #workworkworkworkwork
4. Because you don’t know how it feels, to be Hillz. #fightfortherighttoparty
5. Have we forgotten about Omorosa? She was a terrible person. That Trump loved. #YoureFired
6. Because a person in the White House that has no experience punished he will act like a child. #tempertantrumsdontmakefriends
7. I feel like this is enough. If you are on the fence and need more hashtags, I’m sure I can think of more. #messageme

I’m all for debating politics, and sharing views and disagreement, but not when it comes to hatred and negativity. What we permit, we promote, and there’s no room for sexism, racism, segregation, or masochism in this country. I have a few friends that I HIGHLY respect that have different political views and I am glad – because I think it’s important to see the same thing from different angles. I’ve learned a lot by talking with them.  However, I HIGHLY disagree with people using religion as a reason to vote for Trump. I mean – COME ON. He’s the complete opposite of a good Christian. And no, this is not a test. If anything – he’s the freaking Anti- Christ! (I was raised in the Baptist Church – hence why I question EVERYTHING – and I am so curious.) Trump’s Offer to Christians Is Same Offer Devil Made Christ

and then there’s this.. Barack Obama Skewers Donald Trump For Losing His Twitter Access

In case you needed another reason to NOT vote for Trump, here’s 230 of them.

230 Things Donald Trump has said or done that makes him be Unfit to be President

So – don’t set the country back today. and ROCK THE VOTE! #imwithher

UPDATE – My friend Chris Ross, from Chris Ross and the North –  Follow him on Facebook! posted this statement and I couldn’t agree more. I had to add it to my post.

“I’m an unapologetic liberal.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to most of you, I mean, I’m a dude with an unkempt ponytail who plays guitar and sings songs about feelings for a living.

I’m also near the bottom of the pack in terms of income, having steadily made less than 20K a year for as long as I can remember. Now that’s no ones fault but mine, having chosen what could at best be seen as a “tumultuous” profession, but it is my reality. I have, and continue to, believe that a progressive government will do a better job at helping me, and others like me, stay above water, and someday be able to afford to start my own small family.

We could argue the logic and flaws of that belief, but I think what it comes down to is empathy. The ability to share and understand the experience and feelings of others. This is where I just cannot bring myself to budge to the right at all.

The gay couple who only wants to be married and raise a child in a loving home, without fear.

The young Mexican girl who is living here in the only country she has ever known, and even though her parents came here illegally, she just wants to focus on her softball team’s next big game, instead of wondering what is going to happen to her family.

The inner city high school student who wants to be a novelist, but can’t find the books they want at the local library because funding has been cut, and has to take the long way home because of fear of violence.

The kid in the trailer park, whose only dream is to go to Medical School, but whose single mother is dependent on opiates and desperately needs mental health care she cannot afford.

The teenage girl, living in rural Missouri, who has become pregnant and begins to contemplate suicide because she can’t think of any other options.


These kind of stories are not stories, they are real life for so many people. In my heart, the challenges surrounding these problems are not secondary to anything. They are primary and paramount, and not something to be dealt with later.

Only ONE SIDE seems to even acknowledge these realities. Only ONE SIDE seems to acknowledge climate change. Only ONE SIDE is at least trying to develop solutions.


Imagine for a moment, that there were TWO SIDES working to help these people.

Imagine that the conservatives were to say

“Ok, we believe love is love.”

“We believe that we should leave decisions regarding a woman’s reproductive health to the woman.”

“We believe every kid who has grown up in America is and will always be American, whether they are first generation or tenth, and they all deserve the very best educational opportunities that this country can offer, without shackling themselves with a lifetime of debt.”

“We believe that whether or not the overwhelming scientific evidence of climate change is real, we should be working diligently towards clean energy, because everybody agrees fossil fuels are a limited resource.”

If they said these things, you know what would happen? We could start intelligently debating the machinery. How to pay for things. Tax rates. Wasteful spending. International trade. Market strength. Inflation. Job creation.

We could debate that machinery with BOTH SIDES listening and participating, and therefore elevating the conversation to a point where the arguments could be, “While that is a good idea, what if we did THIS and made it a great idea?” and the other side would say, “Well yeah that is actually a great idea, but I think we can make it even better.”

I would listen to the conservative point of view then, I would try to learn from it, and there’s a chance I might even AGREE with it.

But until that gay couple, that young Mexican girl, that pregnant teenager, that aspiring novelist can truly live their lives, I have kind of been painted into a corner here, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

Vote today.”

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