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A Buddhist Tip to Being Free

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I love it when an article just speaks to me. This article sort of echos my brain when it comes to my plans for the next year. Now’s the time when I start thinking about my plans for the new  year, evaluating my life, and making goals for the coming year. This year has been rocky at best, my plans kind of completely thrown off kilter and being forced to change direction in a storm has made me reevaluate my goals and aspirations, and I’m planning all sorts of exciting things for 2017. (I definitely need to live my life in segments.) Shameless self promotion, and *spoiler alert*, they include working with Closer North more for photography and focusing my energy on writing about, and experiencing more, adventures – I also need to make my health a priority again and get back into the gym. My world was beginning to spin so fast it was making me dizzy, so I need make some changes, refocus, and take back control of the ship. and this article is providing just the guiding light I need – and I thought you might need, too.


Giving Merit to Become Free.

>> First, slow down.

>> Sit for a moment—inhale and exhale.

>> Think about something we are grateful for.

>> Touch in to our heart, by placing our hand over it.

>> Ask for peace—not only for ourselves, but for all of humankind.

>> Dedicate this moment to the awakening of everyone, by repeating: “May this practice be of benefit to all beings.”

>> Focus on the breath again, and stay with this feeling of interconnectedness for another exhalation.


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