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Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes was a fantastic read and you should definitely buy it. Read more below 🙂

There’s truly NOTHING I enjoy more in my life than flying, reading a book, and having a glass or two of wine. It’s the only time I can truly detach, and get lost in another world. That being said, there’s nothing WORSE than being stuck on a plane with a crappy book. I love books that are inspiring and adventurous, that make me feel like I want to run a marathon and be the best version of myself after reading them. This book  – “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes does all of that, with a bag of chips.

I already had a great respect for Shonda – I mean, come on, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder are two shows I can never get enough of. Even though I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy anymore, there was a time when I was totally obsessed. And to be fair, I caught a more recent episode, and man was it intense. Like going home. Maybe I’ll have to binge watch this winter. The Catch is her newest production – I believe everything she touches turns to gold.

Reading her book made me feel like we’d known each other forever. This book is about a whole lot more than saying “Yes”. It’s about coming into your own – and realizing that it can happen at any point in life. It’s a true inspiration to us whose lives haven’t always gone according to “plan” – or for those of us who have never known what our “plan” was.

The humor Shonda brings to the book is impeccable. You feel like you know her from the first page. I immediately thought of a good friend of mine that I said  – when I’m done with this book, I know EXACTLY who I am passing it on to.

I read this book in one leg of my trip from Bangor, Maine to St. Pete, Florida. It’s 311 pages long, with medium type and a book club discussion area in the back. I always say reading is my super power, so I would say that my pace was accelerated – and also I was feeling pretty inspired. I laughed out loud, numerous times.

so – long story short – do it. get the book, borrow the book, imbibe the message. You won’t regret it. and you’ll find yourself saying


For more information and to buy “Year of Yes” click on my Amazon link – and if you buy “Year of Yes” through my link, I get a little kickback! yay!

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