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22 Life-Changing Lessons From “The Motivation Manifesto”

1. “We are not slave to our history. We can be freed by our conscious thoughts and disciplined habits.”

2. “If we are not vigilant, being around constant worry can quickly limit who we are and what we might be capable of.”

3. “If yesterday’s hardships are stealing our aliveness today then we must seek another level of consciousness.”

4. “What can I focus on in my life this exact moment to sense some peace, gratitude, or enthusiasm?”

5. “Am I feeling this life?”

6. “Avoidance is the best long-term strategy to ensure suffering.”

7. “Be a guardian of your own mind, body, and soul.”

8. “Be aware of the information entering your mind. Seek empowering information that moves your life forward.”

9. Take positive, meaningful action.

10. What are you asking for?

11. Love is the divine essence or thread that connects us all.

12. Don’t make me guess about what ignites your soul.

13. “Don’t limit your vision based on the number of people who nod.”

14. Revive the magic.

15. “To master life is to transform the energy we feel at any moment into cheerful engagement and deep appreciation.”

16. “Freely chosen attitude is a treasure available to us all.”

17. “Don’t become a catastrophe of energetic conformity.”

18. Make enthusiasm a practice.

19. “Let us master the art of curiosity, release, play, and cheerful engagement of the moment.”

20. “Meet struggle with intense and spirited joy.”

21. “Struggle does not always have to equal suffering.”

22. Awareness + Discipline = Freedom.

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