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January’s Full Moon: Throw me to the Wolves & I’ll Come Back to Lead the Pack.

Link to Elephant Journal

Guys -Mercury in Retrograde is almost over. If this month has been ridiculously terrible for you, then know you’re not alone. This year has started out miserably for me  – and I can’t wait for it to turn around.  I have spent the past few weekends with some dear friends, and they have been so inspirational – I have some wonderful, smart, amazing friends. I saw this article on the Elephant Journal’s facebook this am ( Do you guys follow the Elephant Journal? It’s my spirit animal) and it SPOKE to me. (I am a Leo 🙂 )

“Interestingly enough, January’s Full Moon will fall in the sign of Leo and nobody likes to lead the pack more than this sign. Leo’s the sign that likes to laugh, let loose and let go of the seriousness. With the Full Moon highlighting this sign so prominently, a lighter feel may come over us.”

“Always remember that we can actually end up being the strongest during the moments we feel our weakest. “

“Let January’s Wolf Moon be a reminder that when we are thrown to the wolves it’s only a matter of time before we come back leading the pack.”

So – let the full moon bring you growth and positivity!

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