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In many ways, this is one of my favorite holidays of the year. I love it because it forces us to do an internal audit – and challenge ourselves to claim responsibility for our lives, and decide to make a change. Or not! Whatever floats your boat. I personally like to set tangible, achievable goals for myself, and I typically write about them here. You can go back in the archives and see I’ve written about New Year’s Eve every year since I’ve started this blog. And here it is – NYE, 2015 and I have no real resolution. 2014’s resolution was my favorite – to go somewhere I’d never been before each month. I did well – I had lots of fun adventures. Except – I could not have written them down now if you asked me what I did in each month. Total bummer on the memory front.

Last year’s resolution involved a blog , which I was hosting on another URL because it was more personal – however I realized about halfway through that it wasn’t so personal that it couldn’t be shared with people who had similar mindsets and were taking similar journeys – which I’ve found a lot of my real-life friends are taking , so I merged the private blog with the adventures blog, and voila! They are now one. But – you probably didn’t know about it, because I didn’t really broadcast it.  (FYI – the blog has two main categories – Inspirations of DD and Adventures of DD) Eventually, I will probably merge this one with my photography blog – ( – which I am building up this winter!) but for now – it lives here. and to The purpose of the Inspirations blog was initially a “Virtual Happiness Jar” to remind myself of all of the things that I am lucky to have on a daily basis. Here’s the problem – (if you can call it that) I’m a pretty happy and optimistic person, so I was seriously writing a billion things each day I was grateful for. I’ve determined that even when I’m sad, or angry, I’m still pretty dang happy. (This is my my own doing, and has taken many years of hard work…. and it’s a conscious decision that I’ve somehow programmed myself to do automatically after 33 years…. 20’s were not this way for sure!) So I changed the direction – I decided to post articles that I found were impactful, meaningful to me, in the hopes that other people would enjoy them as much as I did. So – now you’ll find the Inspirations of DD and the Adventures of DD in one place. Choose your own adventure!

Last year I was about a journey to be more centered, and in touch with what makes me tick- to determine my true life’s purpose. To do more things that made me happy – hiking, taking photos, reading books, lifting weights, eating well, learning new things, making new friends, connecting people, having deeper, more meaningful relationships with my friends.  I feel like this is now a way of life for me – so this year I plan to merge my 2014 and 2015’s Resolutions, and record my journey. Especially with my new GO PRO I can post more of my adventures and tell more of a story. This blog is for me. I am a huge fan of writing, and when writing, things change from thoughts to reality. Writing down your thoughts when things are good, writing down thoughts when things are bad, and fighting your way thorough the weeds with putting your thoughts on paper. or in your Google Drive. Whatever. But I also hope that it inspires YOU. If you’re reading this.

SO! With that being said, I hope that you’ll check in throughout the year, and share your journey and happiness with me, too.

Have a fantastic evening filled with all of the things that make you happy. Feel free to share your resolutions below!! and please feel free to peruse all of my past postings. I’ll leave you with two articles I liked to get your inspiration on for 2016!!

Link to MindBodyGreen – Trade your bucket list for a F*ck it list

Link to MindBodyGreen – The Mindset Shift That Can Make Every Moment Miraculous

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New Years Eve


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  1. Love it! I still do my “Gratitude Vase” which was based on your idea for the Virtual Happiness Jar. I feel like we had similar goals for 2015, and I am carrying most of mine forward into 2016 as I still have lots of work to make sure these practices become my defaults. Life is great! Love you always.

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