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18 Sacred Intentions to set for 2016

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1. I will take less and give more.

2. I will work less and live more.

3. I will do less and be more.

4. I will speak less and listen more.

5. I will buy less and simplify more.

6. I will have fewer distractions and more time for reflection.

7. I will be less realistic and dream more.

8. I will complain less and appreciate more.

9. I will worry less and surrender more.

10. I will judge less and understand more.

11. I will hate less and love more.

12. I will criticize less and praise more.

13. I will follow less and lead more.

14. I will fear less and act more.

15. I will think less and go with my gut more.

16. I will please less and stay true to myself more.

17. I will require less perfection from myself and accept where I am more.

18. I will hold fewer grudges and forgive more.




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