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9 Great Reasons Everyone Should Write

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I’ve truly found that keeping a journal has been therapeutic for me through most of my life – I credit it with a lot of my personal growth. I always encourage my friends to do it when they are going through something they don’t understand. I’ll do it when I am going through something I understand. A lot of therapy and counseling is breaking through to something that was already inside of you, and journaling, I believe, is a great way to do that on your own accord. (but when it’s too big for you to handle, always talk to a professional 🙂 )

1. It provides structure for difficult-to-express feelings.

2. It memorializes significant events. (so does photography :))

3. It promotes awareness.

4. It integrates the right and left brain.

5. It’s a passion.

6. It sheds light on truths you weren’t looking even for.

7. It creates a dialogue of self-acceptance.

8. You learn to separate your true self from your inner critic.

9. It makes your intuition much clearer.

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