February 21, 2015 theadventuresofdd 0Comment

Taking a page from Sarahs book.

Today I’m thankful for
TV shows that fulfill wanderlust
Obv. my cat being adorable and snuggly
Sisters being awesome, being good friends and having good friends.
My Dad running a 5k with his older friend as emotional suppoer5.
Friends that make me laugh and mean it
Yoga to strengthen my core and now I can touch my toes. I still need to do a pushup
Technology so I can stay in contact with my friends at home, and Google drive so I can keep lists. And the opportunity to share photos.
Orchids, mine are growing!
Ovens to reheat leftovers
Sleeping in because I needed to
Comfortable pants so I don’t feel so fluffy
Snapchat because it brightens my day.

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