January 12, 2015 theadventuresofdd 0Comment

Wow what a crazy productive  weekend!   I did everything and nothing  at the same time.  Friday night, I went bowling with my work crew. Good times.  I love bowking, it’s probably ,you favorite team building activity!

Saturday and Sunday I didn’t change out of my pjs. I edited another album for my bride,  and Matt and I cleaned the entire first floor. You know all that organizing and throwing things away you put off? Well we made it happen. Then we made  an amazing dinner and Matt watched football while one of my friends  came over and drank  wine with me. Good times!

Today we had breakfast then I spent  three hours at the grocery store. Have you ever heard of the app Out of Milk? It’s the best, a virtual  tracking chart for shopping.  You can keep a basic inventory  and  making a list is soon easy. And eliminates  a lot of excess and grabbing things you don’t need. Today I made chicken chili, chicken tortilla soup, and chicken salad. All while wearing no makeup. It was amazing.

So!  Check out the app and let me know what you think!

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